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ItzNoReal's "Quicksand" and BlissCo's unstoppable music!

It's a tough moment for everyone, we know, and that's why our music can't stop right now! Bliss Corporation has been working from home for four weeks now. Living in Italy the coronavirus outbreak has surprised us before many of you and we have decided to be very careful and Stay Home from the very beginning!

This has given us time to work on a lot of music, including today's release.

Enjoy ItzNoReal's "Quicksand":

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Quicksand is ItzNoReal's first Dance Pop track. Something you wouldn't expect from a strong believer in the power of Future Bass!

But, as ItzNoReal has already said before... "we trust your ears better than ours", so it's your turn to enjoy this brand new music, stayng home, safely...

"Quicksand (Original Mix)"

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