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Artist Ray Le Fanue is back with a brand new release after being highly playlisted on Spotify!

Ray Le Fanue is all over the place! After being highly playlisted on Spotify by Future Nectar Sounds, Amsterdam Dance Event 2020, House Music 2020, Future Hits 2020 and Fresh Summer Hits 2020, his release “Mirror On the Wall” has been reviewed by giving it quite a boost!

His new release, out on March 20th is called “Do It Again”.

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Do It Again is Ray Le Fanue’s first release with Bliss Corporation. Heavily inspired by Bruno Mars, Ryan Tedder/One Republic and Enrique Iglesias’ latest sounds, it has a carefree vibe overall, most likely influenced by mood of the starry late-night drive during which Ray started thinking about the track.

"Do It Again (NT Rozalie Cut)"


Ray Le Fanue is an Australian Music Producer currently based in Brisbane, working on seasonal music production based on emotional, progressive and melodic sounds. His tracks incorporate exotic elements to different musical pieces. Ray is working on Tropical/Deep House, Pop, Trance, Psytrance, Future Bass/Trap, Future House releases. His tracks have recently received great critics and throughout 2020 Ray’s music has gained its popularity among playlist curators and DJs thanks to the addictive and fun nature of his songs.

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