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Discover the first BlissCo release of 2020!

Vincent Bugozi's "Take Me" is OUT NOW with an Original Mix and a Tropical House version by Latin Zero.

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

In Vincent's own words: "Take Me is a love song about a magical night in which two close friends realize that they are in love." Enjoy the first release of the year in its two versions: Latin Zero's Tropical House mix and an original version in which you will enjoy all the intruments of Vincent's talented supporting musicians!

Vincent Bugozi, Latin Zero - "Take Me":

Vincent Bugozi - "Take Me" - Original Mix:


Vincent Bugozi is a London based 22 years old artist from Tanzania. His music can be described as a combination of Afrobeat and Reggae, Afrocuban and pop. He performs with a team of 8 instrumentalists, including bass players, guitarists, Percussions, Saxophone, etc. Earlier this year he released ”Fall In Love” which had a great success and reached over 20k streams on Spotify. His second release ”Take me” was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

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