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Eddie Mac - If I Say Goodbye

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Bliss Corporation's new artist Eddie Mac releases his first track today!

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Eddie Mac, BlissCo's new producer, is the former CEO of a technology company, who has decided to step down and chase his childhood dream of making electronic music.

His productions are characterized by addictive melodies and melancholic vocals.

and his influence comes from old school R&B, 80's rock, disco and house music.

Eddie's passion for music, though, comes from a classic education, with piano lessons and an unespected shift to R&B with an old school synthesizer.

After building 5 successful technology companies, however, Eddie decided in 2017 to get back to his first true love: music.

"If I Say Goodbye" is his first release.

Discover it now on the main streaming platforms.

"If I say goodbye, then make me a liar..."

★ Listen to "If I Say Goodbye":

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