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Eloi El - "Carry On (ft.Guevara Titanium)"

Eloi El is OUT NOW with an Original Mix and an NT Rozalie RMX of his track "Carry On (ft. Guevara Titanium)".

Check them out now!

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Original Mix:

NT Rozalie RMX:

★ Buy "Carry On ft. Guevara Titanium " on:

Google Play:

★ Listen to "Carry On ft. Guevara Titanium" on:


Eloi El is an artist and producer from Kigali, Rwanda who first flickered onto the scene

at the age of 20 producing Los Angeles based pop artist Daria V's debut single "Calm Down".

He recently released his new track "Frozen" that was released by "Day Dose Of House" in September, 2019.

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