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Etheris - "Take On The World"

"We are the universe, so beautiful... through all of the hurt!"

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Etheris decided to approach his release "Take On The World" in a unique way. With the aim of achieving an innovative sound, he tried to give the break of the track a more acoustic and organic feel. The drop, on the other hand, still adheres to his energetic and bouncy style. "Take On The World" incorporates contrasting, yet familiar elements. It’s just unique!

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Bio Etheris

Etheris is a producer living in Mexico. Having experimented with various genres and concepts over the past few years, he slowly developed his own style. With the idea in mind that a powerful drop always manages to intensify the energy in a track, he considers bouncy basslines and catchy melodies to be the main elements in his music.

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