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Helucze - "Think About It"

A brand new BlissCo release is out today!

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

After a beautiful summer Helucze decided to bring back some heat and carefree vibes to recall all the holiday memories - that's how "Think about it" was born.

After creating an energetic instrumental, he felt the urgency to have motivational and heartwarming lyrics for the oncoming winter. While writing, the producer started dreaming about every positive moment awaiting in the future. The main message of this song may not be so clear and defined... and that's probably why everyone will easily relate to it.

Discover the two versions now!

Zen Tailor RMX:

Original Mix:


From an early age guided by his love for music, Helucze tried to create and sing songs in various ways and genres. In 2011 he fell in love with music production and that's how everything started. After a few years he started releasing his first instrumentals as Helucze. Some of them caught the attention of Djs and selectors from all over the world. Now, willing to find his place in pop music, Helucze is trying to charm people with his vocals and energetic dance music.

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