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ItzNoReal - I Won't Let You Go.

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The artist's latest release is out now on Youtube with an official video featuring Dreamcatchers, Ikorodu's talented young dancers.

ItzNoReal is a DJ with an Artificial intelligence and a posse of nerd programmers.

Their mission is to explore strange new worlds and to look for new sounds and civilizations!

Discover the NoReal world in this amazing Official Video.

“I Won't Let You Go.”

"I Won't Let You Go" is a release by ItzNoReal, a nerd Future Bass producer who makes music with an Artificial Intelligence that enjoys chopping up Bliss Corporation's accappellas.

The video was realised with Dreamcatchers, a famous group of Nigerian young dancers choreographed by Seyi Oluyole, who has become famous worldwide in the past months thanks to the support of Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Diddy, Cardi B and Roberto Saviano.

The track is now available on the main online shops and streaming platforms.

★Buy "I Won't Let You Go" on



★Listen to "I Won't Let You Go"



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