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Jnel - Young Blood

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

There is an unmistakable feeling of bliss people experience during youth - and almost everyone has a special person they shared that feeling with.

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Jnel set out to write a song that captured that exact feeling he had about his brother. Enjoy an uplifting melody, lively vocal hook, bright synths, and a driving kick drum in “Young Blood”. The track is meant to bring people to a happy place, no matter how they may be feeling at the moment.

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Born in Los Angeles and residing in San Francisco, the California native “Jnel” is producing electronic music to not only make people dance, but evoke genuine emotion. In line with his slogan “Sculpting sound waves to make you feel something”, the 22 year old carefully crafts melodies, lyrics, and specific sounds for every production to take listeners on a unique journey in each track. Jnel aims to push the boundaries of the electronic genre so that it not only revolves around “bangers”, but finds the overlap between soulful music and festival-ready tracks.

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