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Luke Bergs feat. Kerry Reeve - City Lights

“Where do you go for me? You'll crash into me yeah”

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

“City Light” is Luke Bergs and Kerry Reeve’s track inspired to the sounds of Avicii and the vocoder effects of Daft Punk. The two producers met a while ago on Soundcloud, when Luke was looking for somebody to write the lyrics to his song. This is where Kerry stepped in: with her experience in the music business and a Daft Punk influenced past, she revisited some lyrics she had locked in the closet a couple of years ago. “It’s Avicii meeting Daft Punk”, as Kerry says… or even better, the unique production of two talented and inspired artists.

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Bio Luke Bergs

Luke Bergs is a melodic/progressive house music producer from Austria. He started making beats in 2013 with FL Studio. He is mostly known for his uplifting melodies and got all his inspiration from Avicii, Tobu and Deadmau5.

Bio Kerry Reeve

Coming from a musical family of 3 drummers, Kerry Reeve naturally took up making her own beats and started producing in 2004. Prior to this she had been in various bands as lead singer and guitarist, but was stage shy, so producing became a way for her to explore and express her musical talents. Reason and Cubase were where her journey in producing began, but soon developed a strong love affair with Ableton. Some of her music has been compared to Tycho and Daft Punk, and her vocal ability is melodic, varied and signature to all she creates.

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