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Melvo - "Reasons"

"I'm, missing your body missing your eyes, I'm missing the way you look at me..."

It all started as a rough sample where Melvo was testing cutting up vocals, distorting and pitching them and trying to form a melody. When the chord progression was ready and the vocal melody was down, he gave it that Future Bass touch. The vocals add an emotional feel to the song… just what we needed!

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Bio Melvo

After spending a whole day listening to electronic music with friends back in 2013, Melvo found out that it was what he truly wanted to do for the rest of his life: create music and share it with the world through djing at unforgettable music festivals and online streaming. He started producing electronic music at the age of 13 and he hasn't lost his passion for it. Going into the studio and producing something that wasn’t there before triggers a special feeling that Melvo absolutely loves. After diving straight into Big Room House, popular at the time, he still tries to incorporate its special energy into all his productions.

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