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OVER.AMPD - Light On

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

“It'll all be okay, till the sunrise and the demons go away.”

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

“Light On” is OVER.AMPD’s first release with BlissCo and it is about a projection of our possible future, if earth doesn’t get their act together soon. The underlying message is that someone will always be there for you. No matter how bleak the circumstances are. You will always have somewhere to go even if things go wrong. The drones in the song got us thinking about the possibilities of life in its worst form, and that you have to fight to survive… but someone will always “leave the Light On till the morning” for you!

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"Light On" has now also an instrumental version. Check it out here:


OVER.AMPD was sparked into existence from the deep breaches of space and time. A planet formed of metal and organic material gave life to the people called “subtopians.” An audio/robot humanoid that can morph, project, and manipulate sound. But with life comes chaos and disorder. The planet was riddled with crime and evil. No one was safe. Thus the elders and halfway government formed the AMPD (audio manipulating protection department). Strapped with technological upgrades that set them way ahead of normal robots, these protection agencies have the ability to over amp their power beyond recognition. Order and happiness was built on this planet, and nothing was out of order. That is, until a mech group destroyed by the sound waves from earths sputnik satellite came down and destroyed their planet. Arc and Megawatt were the only two AMPD subtopians left and fled the planet to earth to protect the earthlings from a fate that has been bestowed upon them.

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