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Pulsarlights - Can Anybody Hear me (feat. Bodhi Jones)

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Pulsarlight's first Bliss Corporation release is here with an Art Track on Youtube!

Born and raised in southern Italy, Pasquale (aka Lordnox) and Gaetano, respectively 18 and 21, grew up together and got interested to EDM at the same time.

Their music is inspired by the sounds of the main House Music DJs of the moment and their persistence will definitely lead them very far.

“Can anybody hear me, I’m hanging by a thread, shine a little light. So heaven if you hear me, I’m standing on the edge, send an angel tonight.”

"Can Anybody Hear Me" is Pulsarlights' first release with Bliss Corporation. It was first composed two years ago and has been perfected day by day to reach the present result. The song features vocals and lyrics by Canadian singer Bodhi Jones.

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