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Simon Sixx & DJ Rood - "Purpose (ft.Diana)"

“And now that all is done, to make you mine… Can you show me how?”

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Purpose, as the singer Diana helself communicates, expresses a "state of mind". It's the story of a fragile woman and her unconventional love with a distant partner, who fails to give her certainties and always keeps her on edge. It may sound as a sick relationship, she says, but in fact it isn't: it's the only way this love can exist and it's a game that only some people know how to play. Diana confesses that she was inspired by Paul Thomas Anderson's "Phantom Thread"... despite the movie shows a more extreme turn of events than the story that "Purpose" describes.

Love and games, a Tropical House sound for a deeper "Purpose". Discover the track by Simon Sixx & DJ Rood now.

★ Listen to"Purpose (ft. Diana)" on:

Bio Simon Sixx

After his debut years in the main clubs of Southern Italy and a radio experience, Simon Sixx has found his place in the Dance Music scene starting his production with some Italian music labels. Working his way up the ladder has led him to Bliss Corporation and its EDM label Dance Fragile. You want to know what happened nex? Well, just hit play and get ready to "drift AWAY"!

Bio DJ Rood

Riccardo Ferro started his DJ career at the age of 16, thanks to his love for progressive music. He has worked as a radio speaker for several radios in Piedmont and has played in Turin and Piedmont's most famous clubs. In 2009 he released "Eternal Demon" with Massymax DJ.

Bio Diana

Daniela Presta (Diana) has been singing since she was 8 years old. She took classes from Alex Gaydou and attended the Area Sanremo selections reaching the finals in 2014 with the track "Con o Senza Te". She has performed with Just Dance and Lady's Soul and is currently writing music for several producers.

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