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Trapped in a "Land Of Dreams" with NALIFI's music!

NALIFI, ItzNoReal - "Land Of Dreams (ft. Luke Coulson)" is the release of the week!

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

Land of Dreams is inspired to the true story of a girl who lost herself after being heartbroken. Deep inside, she felt sad for a long time. This song is a reminder that one’s value comes from within, and that if one stands up and finds their own worth, they can see a starry sky and a land of dreams... the same "Land Of Dreams" that we can picture listening to NALIFI's song.

The track has been released in two versions. A more dreamy, slow paced, Original Mix and a Tropical House version mixed by ItzNoReal.

Check them out:

NALIFI, ItzNoReal - "Land Of Dreams (ft. Luke Coulson)"

NALIFI - "Land Of Dreams (ft. Luke Coulson)"


Born in San Diego and studying medicine in New York, Matthew Wang (aka NALIFI) began playing the piano at the age of 5, eventually becoming a pianist in his city's concert symphony. During high school, he began to experiment with classical composition, but ended up falling in love with electronic music in 2018. He released his first single, Zephyr, in 2019, and continues to develop his dreamy sound as he aims to take his listeners on a "journey to a better place".

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