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Zanky & JakK'D - "CoverGirl (ft.JORDVN)" - Zen Tailor Remix

Your Girl is STILL worried about your activity on Instagram? Check out "CoverGirl (ft.JORDVN)" - Zen Tailor Remix

Eddie Mac_If I Say Goodbye

What happens when “the gram” puts your relationship at risk? Zanky & JakK’D have explained it with their track “CoverGirl (feat. JORDVN)... and Zen Tailor has come out with his Tropical House remix!

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Zanky is a 24 year old DJ & producer from Boston, MA with a true and deep passion for music... nothing more needs to be said!

JakK’D is composed by Max Dean & VJay Seminiano, two producers from Fitchburg, Massachusetts in the United States. They started working together through mutual friends after making their own name in the local area in 2014. After starting a duo they have collaborated on countless projects, and have had their music played on major media outlets like Sirius Radio and Ultra Music Festival.

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